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12 in 1 Multi-functional Grater Vegetable Cutter

12 in 1 Multi-functional Grater Vegetable Cutter

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 Tired of doing the ugly time consuming slicing of vegetables and fruits? Try our 12 in 1 Multi-functional Grater Vegetable Cutter.

 It chop up vegetables, fruits in one simple press motion and cut preparation time in half.

  • Multi-function:Peel, cut, cut into pieces, sliced, shredded.It has a crisper, chopped vegetables and fruits can be stored in the crisper
  • Easy to clean and store, all parts can be removed and can be put into the crisper for collection
  • A product to solve all your vegetables and fruit cutting problems. 
  • Ideal for your home daily use.


  1. Cutting insect with an integrated pin grid
  2. Cutting-base
  3. Transparent receptacle(capacity 1500ML)
  4. Cling-lid containers for collecting
  5. Blade insect (6mm*6mm or 12mm*12mm)
  6. Blade insect (6mm*36mm or 18mm*18mm)
  7. Knife for quarters or eighths use
  8. Partial coverage for all blade insects
  9. Professional peeler
  10. Planers use with blade guard
  11. Product holder with guide