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🌟 Minimize Shedding
🌟 Keep you and your house clean
🌟 Have a happier and healthier pet
🌟 Ideal for Cats, Dogs & Horses

Sure, you love your pet. But do you love as well all the hair that it leaves behind on the sofa, the floor, well... everywhere? If you can live without the hair, but not without you furry best friend, you need the Magic Pet Grooming Glove!

This glove is specially designed to remove all that shed hair with ease. The glove is equipped with a special silicone surface on the inside of the hand which consists of countless silicone grooming tips.

When using the glove, your pet will enjoy a relaxing massage while the silicone grooming tips grab all the loose hair and dirt from within the fur. Your pet experiences a stimulating massage while you can collect all the loose hair like a magnet.

When brushing your pet with the gloves, the glove easily collects hair even from harder to clean areas, like behind the legs, under the chest, from the tail and around the face.

Once you are finished, simply pull away the collected hair from the glove in one move and throw it in the trash. The Magic Pet Grooming Glove really works this easy.

The glove works on long and short haired dogs, cats and most other furry pets. It will keep your pets clean and tidy, your home free of shed hair everywhere and yourself a happy pet owner. It really is a win win situation for you and your pet.

Get your Magic Pet Grooming Glove today and treat your pet with relaxing massages and yourself with a cleaner home.

Product Specification
Material: Spandex, Silicone
Color: Color may vary, sent at random
Size: One size only (adult)
Features: Massage and grooming for all furry pets
Suitable for: Short and long haired dogs, cats and other furry pets
Includes: 1 Magic Pet Grooming Glove (RIGHT HAND GLOVE ONLY)