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Boxing Desktop Punching Bag

Boxing Desktop Punching Bag

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Do you ever feel stressed or angry at work? Divert that bad vibes into something positive and fun!

Have a go at the Boxing Desktop Punching Bag and you feel as good as new, and ready to tackle your next challenge. Get the attention of your clients, coworkers, boss or that cute guy or girl in the office, with this unique office accessory.

  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING. The Suction at the base of the punching ball is extremely powerful and sturdy. The Heavy duty spring bounces back for more punishment. A Pump is included.
  • STAY HEALTHY, POSITIVE AND FOCUSED. Get some activity and movement during the long workday to keep you physically and mentally fit.
  • PERFECT GIFT. It is a perfect gift for a boss, co-worker, secretary, employee, or anyone who appreciates something functional and cute.
  • WORKS FOR ALL AGES. Perfect for children of all ages, direct and focus your little one's energy, temper or anxiety.