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Boxing Speed Ball

Boxing Speed Ball

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The Boxing Speed Ball is a high-quality training tool with advantages of lightness and beauty, it can be applied for the users at any match level and any age. The Speed Ball develops The abilities of quick response, correct actions and distance perception in training.

The ball will move away from the user and the elastic rope will be stretched naturally when hit. Different forces and directions will cause different movement trails, the user then needs to understand the correct actions he/she has to do in the next hitting, which will develop the reactivity, awareness and speed of the user.


  • Easy to carry and can be used in different occasions. 
  • A good product that not only builds our body, but also improve our state of working and learning.
  • Fashionable new training equipment. Can be used for many sports training, such as boxing,striking,free combat, etc.

Cautions: New learner should slow down hitting speed to avoid the ball rebounding to your face when hitting. When you are training, your attention should be focused on the ball. Once you realize that the rebound is going towards your face, grab the rope. This can change the direction of the ball.

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