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Card Sized Emergency Pocket Lamp

Card Sized Emergency Pocket Lamp

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Bring the light, be the light! Be light ready at any time with this cute handy pocket sized emergency lamp. The same size as the credit card, thus make it very convenient and can be placed inside the wallet. 

This small card sized  funny design  emergency lamp has a LED light bulb that makes illumination readily available when needed. Just fold the "Light Bulb" up then the lights turns on, and put "Light Bulb" down , the lights turns off. 

It is better than those long bulky flashlight that won't fit in your pocket and even better than those little key chain flashlights that don’t shine bright enough.

And you know what's best? This little light is completely wireless!

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Battery type: Button cell
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Usage: Emergency