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Christmas Snowfall LED Lights

Christmas Snowfall LED Lights

It is recommended to buy 10 crystals, the effect is more beautiful!! 💖💖😍

We are going to sell out 1000 items at the lowest price $4.99
Later on, the rate will be reset to its original cost $9.99

Turn your garden into a secret magical place with our seasonal Snowfall LED Lights! Watch them fall down like real-life snow and sparkle up the night! You'll have the most beautiful house in the whole neighborhood!

Designed to create the perfect holiday atmosphere!


  • ROMANTIC: Every bulb turns on and off one by one in sequence like meteor rain, with a multicolor glow, to create a romantic atmosphere for your gatherings or indoor/outdoor decoration. It's great for Christmas, weddings, parties or other celebration occasions.

    • ENERGY EFFICIENCY & SAFETY: with low-voltage power supply and patented plug technology you'll never have to worry about high temperatures and fires.

    • ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE: Waterproof and extremely durable in the outdoor weather.

    • ADAPTABLE: the string can be used as one or connected to build a beautifully lit area. Very easy to manage!
  • Product Specification

    • Low-voltage power supply, IP64 waterproof
    • LED bulbs per tube: 18 LEDs
    • Extendable: for you to connect another set of tube lights
    • Length from plug to the first light: 30cm
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