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Confidential Roller Stamp

Confidential Roller Stamp

Blue 26mm
Green 26mm
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Blue 15mm
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Rose 15mm
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This identity theft protection stamp eliminates the need for a noisy and expensive shredder, or can be used in conjunction with a shredder for added security.  Self-inking identity theft stamp designed with a special pattern to hide confidential information printed beneath.

It will protect your identity and your personal information from identity theft. You can stamp your old bills, shipping receipts, invoices, and other financial statements that you want to throw from being used and spoil your personal information for bad intentions. 

The Confidential Roller Stamp is an easy way to obscure personal information you want to be kept confidential. With a unique jumbled pattern using a special oil-based ink that won't come off and cannot be deciphered from either side of the page. Perfect for security and protection. 

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    Type: Self-Inking Stamp

    Material: Rubber and Plastic