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Dental Care Cordless Oral Jet

Dental Care Cordless Oral Jet

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 The Fast and Easy Way to Floss Every Day

Keep your teeth sparkling clean with Power Floss Dental Water Jet, As Seen on TV. The quick and easy cordless design powers away food particles and plaque-causing debris. You can even fill it with mouthwash to freshen your breath as you floss. It's perfect for kids and adults; use it every day to keep braces clean and maintain crowns or implants. 

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Package include:

1 X Power Floss Dental Water Jet

Product features


  • The Manual Water Flosser uses air propelled water stream as oral and nasal irrigator, to effectively jet away plaque, food debris, bacteria from in between your teeth and mouth, and to clean nasal passages.
  • The water flosser that convinces that you just need to fill the container and floss your teeth to blast the plaque away.360° rotating nozzle provides deeply cleaning for cavity prevention, plaque control, tartar control, whitening, gum care, and sensitivity relief.
  • The water stream is easy to control and gentle toward sensitive teeth and gum to achieve deep cleansing. It is also perfect for keeping braces, bridges, implants, crowns, or periodontal pockets clean.
  • Professional oral irrigator and water flosser brings next-generation oral care into your own home. To easily and effectively clean between teeth and around braces, implants and bridgework, this device pushes water from its large reservoir through the tiny opening of the included nozzle heads. This causes the water to form a thin, strong stream that powers through food remnants and other dirt, helping you fight plaque and the gum disease gingivitis.
  • No batteries or Cords is needed. Easy to carry on travel, super portable. Safer to operate than other electrically pressurized water pick flosser.

Product description


This is a very efficient way of water jet flossing while away from home also.Without batteries or electricity this makes keeping your dental hygiene a breeze wherever you are.
Small size, lightweight, no batteries or electricity needed, perfect for taking on a trip,offce,home,car,outdoor and other.
Promote healthy gums and teeth using this air powered hydro floss water pick. No batteries, cord, or charging stations is required.
The water flosser that convinces that you just need to fill the container and floss your teeth to blast the plaque away. 
Claims to use power pulse action that gives 1600 blasts of water in a minute to blast away the debris, bacteria and plaque
With its 360 degrees rotation will reach all the corners of your mouth to give you complete cleaning
Is portable and cordless so you can safely and easily use it every time
Material:ABS+ PC +PE+Silicone, Size:39.5*24.5*6cm

How to use portable dental water flosser

1.Open the lid,hold water
2.Press the switch of the water,rinse the mouth
3.Use it over the sink,keep lips slightly open to prevent water from splashing but to allow the water to drip into the sink
4.Keep the nozzle at about 45°along the teeth/gums direction and move it along as the jet is activated.This will clean food debris between teeth and gums.Do this in short bursts flushing until all the areas between the teeth and gums are cleaned