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Easy Coconut Opener

Easy Coconut Opener

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Extract coconut water effortlessly from young coconuts with this easy tool. Creating a hole perfectly for inserting a straw and instant drinking.

We can assure you of this high quality product that never gets dull. A stainless steel blade that operates in just seconds!

Made life easier!

How to use:
PUSH - Push the tool through the soft husk at the top of the young drinking coconut.
TWIST - Twist/push/twist the tool cutting through the thin coconut shell. Apply downward pressure.
DRINK! - The tool will cut into the coconut. Remove the tool, insert straw and drink! Yummy!

Other features:
Cleaning stick included. 

Dishwasher safe. 
Size: 13 x 10 cm


Package Includes: 
1 x Coconut Opener