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Save Space By Stacking Them!

Keep your food fresh up to three times longer than with regular Tupper Ware. Our patented technology allows for these trays to be reusable forever. Simply place any food on the tray and close the top to create an airtight, leakproof seal with absolutely zero-waste. Simple to use and extremely rewarding by taking care of our planet.


  • Save Money By Making This Your One-Stop-Shop
  • Protect Our Oceans From Single-Use Plastics
  • Airtight Seal, Keeps All Foods Fresh For Much Longer
  • Strong, Durable Top Film Layer, Reuse It Forever
  • Save Space In Your Fridge
  • Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe!
    Your new Eco-Friendly Food Preservation Tray works better than plastic wraps, its a one-time essential purchase, and keeps food fresh way longer! The amazing slim, sleek design is made to be stacked on top of other food preservation trays to save tons of space in your fridge.

    Note: Do Not Put The Preservation Tray In The Oven

    It uses a stretchy film on the top layer to create a vacuum seal over the top of any food, strong and durable, the film is nearly impenetrable! Meal prep or keep leftovers fresh for days or even weeks, simply put it in the tray and push down! 

    Plastic waste is one of the leading threats to our Oceans and Wildlife. By making an effort to reduce plastic wrap and plastic bags, you will be making a simple change that causes a massive difference in our planet.


    Color: White, Red
    Size: 30cm x 22.8cm
    Material: Environmental Protection PP, Advanced Elastic Film
    Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe!