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This remote key finder(key tracker) can help you find the lost keys, remotes, purses, glasses, canes, and other easily lost novelties quickly.
With just one press on the color-coded button, the beep sound and flashes will lead you to find the lost stuff.

There is nothing wrong with misplacing your keys. We all do that from time to time. What really matters is how quickly you can find them again.
This is absolutely a unique key finder that you've ever seen! It contains a Wireless RF item locator remote with LED flashlight and Four receivers. Simply press the remote control and follow the audio signal, it will locate your keys or other lost items up to 30 meters away.


  • Key finder with LED torch and base
  • Gadget Electronic gifts
  • ON/OFF button which located at the right side of the transmitter allows you to turn on or off the flashlight easily.
  • Works through walls and floors
  • Suitable for personal use, family use, gift and promotional purposes
  • It’s not just a key finder! It’s also an LED Flashlight.
  • Big buttons and easy operation, makes it specially suited to older people
  • Smart design offers certain adornment effect
  • Can hang and can also stick
  • One transmitter, four receivers correlated with the four big buttons on the transmitter



  • Size (transmitter): 105x46x13mm
  • Size (receiver): 50x36x11mm
  • Battery (transmitter): AAA,1.5V * 2pcs (not included)
  • Battery (receiver): CR2032, 3V 1pc
  • Sound: 90-100Db(Open Space)
  • Transmitting Range: 30-40 meters
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz

How to use:
Attach the color-coded receivers to your frequently lost items with the key rings or double sided adhesive tape
Press and release the corresponding color-coded button on the transmitter
If the receiver is in range (30 meters), it will beep and meanwhile the LED indicator will flash
If no beep is heard, change your location or use new batteries and press the button again

Package Includes:
1 x transmitter
4 x receivers
4 x key ring
4 x CR2032, 3V battery
1 x Base support