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Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

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Refilling Methods:
  • Stay away from the fire to ensure safety when refilling. Don't refill while smoking;
  • Some qualified butane gas must be used because poor quality gas may damage the lighter or reduce the service life;
  • Turn the lighter upside down when refilling the ordinary models. Then aim at the gas tank outlet and cover the lighter inlet. Forcefully press several times and keep for about 2 seconds each time. There may be residual gas in the gas tank when the gas tank cannot be refilled. You can let the gas escape 1-2 times with a small screwdriver aiming at the inlet at this time and refill again;
  • You can release the inlet nut with a slotted screwdriver or other tools and follow the above steps when a Ronson lighter is being refilled. Tighten the nut after refilling but it cannot be too tight. Otherwise, the cover will not be tightened, the cover sound is not crisp and the gas may escape. 
  •  Open the lighter cover when refueling the gasoline lighter, pull out and reverse the lighter core and lift the outer sponge to add a right amount of gasoline. Cover the outer sponge and place it in the lighter when the gasoline permeates into the inner sponge;
  • You have to wait for at least 1 minute, allowing the new refilled gas temperature to reach the room temperature after all kinds of lighters are refilled. It can only be lighted after the residual gas around it totally volatilizes. If lighting is carried out at this time, it may cause unnecessary danger due to the burning residual gas on the lighter. Too high or too low flame height is a normal phenomenon after it is refilled. The flame height can be moderately adjusted.

Flame Adjustments:

  •  With the gas content reduction and the ambient temperature change, there will be a certain degree of change of the flame height, which is a normal phenomenon during the using process. You can make a moderate adjustment to the height of the flame;
  • The normal flame height should be 1.5-2.5cm for windproof and direct-refilling lighters and 2.5-4cm for Ronson, gasoline and open firelighters.
  •  Please aim at the flame adjustment groove with a slotted screwdriver when flame height adjustment is needed. Lighters with the adjustable ring can be directly adjusted with your fingers. Turn to the (-) arrow direction for clockwise rotation to decrease the flame height. Turn to the (+) arrow direction for counterclockwise rotation to increase the flame height. Note: Counterclockwise rotation cannot exceed a half circle on the basis of normal flame height. Otherwise, it may damage the product.
  • The flame height can be controlled by lighter wick height adjustment for gasoline lighters. You can cut the wick with when the flame is too high. You can appropriately pull out the wick when the flame is too low.


  • Material: Metal
  • Technics: Lacquer
  • Model Number: Fire Extinguisher Lighter
  • Drop Shipping: Support
  • Size: 7*2cm