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Camping Survival Blanket Tent

Camping Survival Blanket Tent


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If your hobby is more into adventures like hiking, and mountain climbing, this Outdoor Camping Survival Blanket Tent is a great partner for your journey! 

 It covers the body when accidents happen to avoid body temperature dropping. It keeps your body warm when the car breaks down at night or in cold area. It can be used as a reflective film to send a signal to the rescuer.

The emergency blanket can open as a canopy on a rainy day. It can cover front windshield to lower the interior temperature of the car. Good tenacity can be used as a stretcher and can put in the sleeping bag (not included) to keep warm.

 Easy to carry, it can be folded into a small size, compact, lightweight and portable. Can be stored for several years, and very economical. Suits for outdoor sporters, visitors, explorers, athletes, rescue teams, climbers etc!



Material PET
Unfold Size 137 x 210cm
Folding Size 15.5 x 9cm
Weight 55g
Color Gold, Silver