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Portable Digital 7x Golf Scope Range Finder Distance 1000m With Padded Case

Portable Digital 7x Golf Scope Range Finder Distance 1000m With Padded Case

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"I've recently started golfing and always had a problem determining yard distance while I'm on the golf court so I knew I needed to eventually get my hands on one of these range finders. The problem was I did not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one. So, once I saw this I knew I had to give it a try and I have to say I have not been disappointed. This range finder works great and is really simple to use. I've been taking it with me every time I head out to play. Highly recommended!

- James White
Toronto, Canada

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Are you an experienced golfer who’s looking to effectively improve your golfing experience and overall skill?

Are you tired of having to estimate your distance from the golf pin?

If so, you may be interested in what we have here.

Allow us to introduce you to the 7X Range Finder, a brand new device that was specifically designed to cure your aggravating golf related problems.

Most golfers are forced to “eyeball” the yardage between them and their target, which is grossly inaccurate and can actually ruin the experience and your overall game.

With this 7X, you can accurately measure your distance and eventually improve your skill level until you become that world-class golfer that you’ve always wanted to be.

The 7X is a great tool to practice with and it’s also super easy to use.

This small battery-powered gadget only has 2 tiny buttons but those 2 buttons are all you need.

Once you program the device, you can easily and accurately discover distance no matter what kind of field you’re on.

And once you learn how to use the thing, it’ll just become second nature to you.

To make this offer even better, once you order you’ll also receive a nice luxurious pouch to place your rangefinder so that you can carry it in style.

With the 7X, you will be able to track down yards with ease just like the Pros.

So, the next time you’re in the middle of the fairway and you have to guess whether you’re 125 or 150 yards away, you can simply pull this little guy out and get the exact number in seconds.

This truly is an essential piece of equipment that every golfer needs in their arsenal.


  • An easily programmable rangefinder that allows you to quickly determine the distance between you and your target so that you can get back to playing in no time at all.

  • compact design that allows you to carry this always useful device with relative ease. It also comes with a nice carrying case that makes traveling so much easier.

  • Simple instructions and user-friendly construction guarantee you a super easy experience while still providing all of the benefits.