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SwitchPortable USB Digital Microscope Camera

SwitchPortable USB Digital Microscope Camera

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This ergonomic design Portable USB Digital Microscope Camera is perfect to magnify objects up 1000 times. An easy captured and high-resolution camera, it is also perfect for examining coins, jewelry, industrial inspections, stamps and more. This microscope camera is also perfect for inspection and scientific tool. 


CMOS sensor

High-speed DSP

Manual focus from 3 mm to 40 mm

Snapshot: Software and hardware

Video Capture Resolution: 1600x1200 (2M pixels), 1280x960 (1.3M pixels), 800x600, 640x480,

Standbildauflösung: 1600x1200 (2 Mt Pixel), 1280x960 (1,3 Mt Pixel), 800x600, 640x480

Frame rate: Max. 30f / s Under 600 lux brightness

Flicker-Control: 50Hz/60Hz Option

Video format: AVI

Snap Shot Format: JPEG

Light Source: 8 White Light LED (with controller on USB cable)

Magnification factor: 500x 8000x 1000x

Power supply: USB port (5 V DC)