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Self-Leveling Precise Laser Meter

Self-Leveling Precise Laser Meter

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The 2 lines cross laser is a laser layout tool designed to handle handiworks that require balance and accurate measurement of lining such as putting up stuff on your wall or wall paints, tile placement, etc. . Featuring Horizontal, Cross-Line for better alignments.


  • Set the instrument on the tripod or a stable surface; adjust the instrument. If the instrument is too tilted, out of range (3 degrees), the laser tube will automatically turn off (or if audible alarm).
  • Switch knob clockwise to open the instrument, emitting a laser beam
  • Turn the instrument, the laser beam toward goals.
  • Gently adjust knob, find work orientation.
  • When work is over, turn the switch knob counterclockwise, turn off the instrument.
  • With light point designed, provide convenience for the construction.



  • 1 perpendandicular line + 1 horizontal line+1 bright spot
  • Can be hung on the wall,Any highly available
  • Light and practical easy to carry
  • Rotate 360 degrees of freedom
  • Automatic alignment, automatic alarm uneven product,Smart convenient, more efficient
  • Wave Length:635nm/red line  650nm/dot
  • Accuracy:+-2.5mm/5M
  • Wide Width:<2.5mm/5M
  • Light Intensity: 1.5 Times
  • Unbalance Warning:Buzzer
  • Temperature:-5~45C
  • Light Source: Semiconductor
  • Time Of stable equilibrium: <5sec
  • Auto Self-leveling range: ± 3 °
  • Laser Angle:> 90 °
  • Power: 2 x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Size: 8x8x12cm