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Smart 1080P HD Camera Sunglasses

Smart 1080P HD Camera Sunglasses


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Record whatever you want whenever you want with our Smart 1080P HD Camera Sunglasses.

These insanely awesome sunglasses has a built-in 1080p HD camera.Use it to capture lifetime memories, for any outdoor activities like biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, and more! Just press the power switch and it will begin to record color video with sound and store the video on your SD memory card. Push the camera switch button and it will take a picture just like a regular camera. Best part is that you don't need to stare at the objects directly, which makes it ultra-discreet.

With this eye wear on, you will never let any single memorable scene sneak away from your life!


Saving your footage has never been easier. Insert the SD memory card to the slot on your glasses and start recording. Then download your videos and photos to your computer and start sharing it with your family and friends.

No need to carry anything with you anymore. The built-in camera is so tiny that no one will know you are recording. And the best part is that the sleek and elegant design perfectly fits for both men and women.