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Smart Luggage Meter

Smart Luggage Meter

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Do you love to travel?

The Smart Luggage Meter is ideal for travellers like you. It is a portable electronic luggage scale that is easy to carry with you. Great use during travel to meet weight limits. Convenient and practical to use, this portable electronic hanging scale can weigh up to 50 kilograms of luggage.

Value Time, Save Money: The travel design of Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale is conceived to give accurate readings every time it is used with a graduation as low as 0.1lb/50g and a maximum measurable weight of up to 110lb/50kg in one simple step.

Tare Function: The tare/zero function allows you to measure exactly what you want to measure. No more, no less. Set zero to where you want it with the ease to re-calibrate without hassle.

Designed for Travellers: The high-strength textured plastic Rubber Painted grip is easy to handle on-the-go with a heavy duty metal hook and nylon strap to firmly and safely hold your luggage.

Easy to carry: Its small, portable design delivers mighty durability to withstand the heavy weights of your travels. Take it on your adventures, or store it without the hassle of added bulk.

This useful item is truly a perfect assistant while you are on the road or airline!