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The Thinnest Selfie Drone

The Thinnest Selfie Drone

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The Thinnest Selfie Drone You Can Buy 

The Thinnest Selfie Drone is yet another foldable selfie drone from JJRC, the company that brought us the original Elfie. Like the battle for the world’s thinnest mobile phone, there seems to be a new fight to achieve the world’s thinnest compact selfie drone. The JJRC H49 may have achieved that, it is incredibly thin at under one-centimeter thick. This is one of the smallest selfie drones we’ve ever seen. Chances are your smartphone is both bigger and heavier than this tiny dynamo.

JJRC H49 RC quadcopter drone with camera

The JJRC H49 is an ultra-thin selfie drone.

JJRC H49 Sol Features

JJRC packed some good features into this compact machine. It features a 720p HD camera, altitude hold, WiFi FPV, and can be flown with either your smartphone or its compact remote controller. Not only is the H49 small, but the remote also can fit in your pocket.

Probably the biggest improvement on the H49 is that the propellers are directly attached to the motors, there are no gears. Gears are a common weak point for small selfie drones and JJRC has answered with this gearless quad.

jjrc h49 sol

You can easily take the drone and the remote with you.

Should You Get a JJRC H49?

As the selfie drone trend continues, it is nice to see some unique designs and twists. We like the H49, but JJRC has made some sacrifices in the quest for the thinnest selfie drone. The biggest concern is the exposed propellers when the drone is folded up. With half of each propeller exposed it is possible to bend or break them during transport.

The second sacrifice is the drone’s styling. The ultra-thin design of the H49 doesn’t have some of the smooth curves of previous models. Look and style is more of a personal thing. Read on for an alternative with a different look.